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Masquerade; Care to Play?

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Strength At The Top Of The Stairs

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A handwritten letter tip

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Handwritten letters are the teddy bears of communication, instantly endearing and like a hug of affirmation that you are real, lovable, and old school. I firmly believe God should give every person who willingly writes letters by hands a halo, or at least some nice shine . Ever since i graduated from college last may, life has opened up more time and space, or perhaps i just got older and slightly better at time management,  to invest thought into presentation as well as content… – – Read more…

Easter Sunday in Harlem by Wegee

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Freedom Friday: The Easter Edition

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Happy Good Friday Everyone!

So you know ThatKellieGirl is getting her Easter bonnet ready for Resurrection Sunday!  Coming from a long line of women who have donned Easter hats, I shouldn’t have been suprised when I became hooked on Easter hats last year !   It was the first time I wore a Easter hat so I wore the traditional Easter hat with – –   Read more…