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smokin’ …?uestion

©ourtesy of   ianoncedid

Smoking is cool/terrible for your health.  On a side note, lots of cool things are happening, just can’t talk or show anything yet.  Soon!  Maybe!

America’s South Nostalgia

©ourtesy of theotherblack:

Smart Art

©ourtesy of Blind to Bounds

With smoking zones shrinking more and more in public spaces, poor puffers get just the ground to stand in this smoking alley in a Hotel. They can’t even raise heir heads to blow off the smoke, all for the roving eyes from the roof top. The artist paints with his hands, what he sees in his heart.  The artist here sees no wall, but a passage right through it. – – Read more,,

Child Abuse

©by  The Activists (The Activists Art Collective)

A painting on the way the rap industry abuses and brainwashes young people

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Let’s not mince words, BIETCHE …!


trifflin whoreDictionary meaning of “trifflin whore”: [Source]
Typically characterized by an insatiable desire for sex, money, and crack-cocaine. order of importance is second only to lack of wellness. propensity for thievery, manipulation, and deception.displays an undying commitment. loyal, yet untrustworthy.  STOP ….!