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President Barack Obama with His main squeeze, Michelle

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Opera Star, Teacher and Mentor TODD DUNCAN

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Todd Duncan, the pioneering opera singer, circa 1930s. Mr. Duncan was the first African-American to perform with a major opera company, the New York City Opera. Other career highlights include being selected by George Gershwin to originate the role of Porgy in “Porgy and Bess” and being the first person to record the now classic song, “Unchained Melody.” Mr. Duncan also held a master’s degree from Columbia University and taught voice at Howard University for over fifty years, well into his nineties. He died in 1998.

The Badass Women of Space, Physics, and Math

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Above. Eileen Collins – The first women to pilot the Space Shuttle (1995)

1. Marie Curie – Nobel Laureate in Physics for her pioneering work on radioactivity. (1903)

2. Ada Lovelace – Designated first programmer in the world (1815-1852)

3. Valentina Tereshkova – First woman in space, ever (1963)

4. Maria Goeppert-Mayer – Nobel Prize for proposing the nuclear shell model of the atomic nucleus (1963)

5. Peggy Whitson –  First female to command the ISS (2008)

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Guess Who ….?

Oh my Goodness…it’s a Photo of Baby Angelina Jolie that just surfaced


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Celebrating ‘Tippi Hendren’ in Hitchcock’s “The Birds”

How can we forget when poor little, dainty and feminine Tippi Hendren gets worked by those darn “Birds” in one of Hitchcock’s  finest train wreck. Miss Tippi just didn’t know what hit her. She just wanted to get the hell out of  “Bodega Bay“. Can’t say any of us could blame her. After all, one doesn’t go on vacation by the sea to turn around and become a human sushi for a bunch of buzzards. Enj0y. I’ve thrown together some lovely pics of that darling little 60’s green suit she got mauled in. It definitely didn’t need the “bloody” red highlights but it was entertaining.

Here’s that bitch Barbie posing in that iconic outfit poor little Tippi suffered in  at the mercy of those vultures. And to think it was marketed for Sale just so to make someone gain from her pain. Oh well, money is money ….! Continue reading


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That Geisha Look, Retro Kimono

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Every once in a while, I buy old magazines, books, and various knick-knacks with pictures of maiko and geiko on them, then scan them and upload to Flickr to share with you all. I like to think that I’m helping keep the memories of these ladies alive. Plus, it’s always fun to admire their hikizuri kimono! [The Sun Magazine, June 1972 Issue] – – Read more…

80 Years of Male Actors in Cinema

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This is a clever piece of work wherein about 100 male film stars from the 1920s to the current day are morphed from one picture to the next. You haven’t got long on each one…….so how many can you name?

To see if you Guessed the Name of  Star Featured “CLICk” continue – –  (Thanks Dennis N.) Continue reading

They Woke Up Ghey

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Chris Birch appears to have a dead skunk on his head.  This was my opening thought to the much-hyped BBC Three documentary which hit UK screens this last week.  The programme received a huge amount of attention in the media and on social media, following earlier such media feasts when the story was covered in the tabloids. The documentary, I Woke Up Gay, featuring ‘Kris’ (he creatively changed his name) and his boyfriend Jak (the Telegraph noted this odd aversion to the letter ‘C’) as he tries to prove that it was a stroke that turned him from a heterosexual into the homosexual media seeking performer he is today.   Most reactions seemed divided between whether Continue reading

Sad clown, Black and white and red, street art

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Sad clown : black and white and red, street art photo black and white

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