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Natalia Fabia Punk Rock Rainbow Sparkle

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The Jonathan Levine always has great art shows. Currently, Natalia Fabia – Punk Rock Rainbow Sparkle is up. Loving the subject! “In the artist’s words: “Punk rock is one of my true loves. Punk to me is an attitude, a lifestyle. Punk is a middle finger, punk is do-it-yourself, do what you want. It’s a kind of freedom. I’m attracted to my subjects for having that quality. This attitude is what I wanted to convey in this series. My models (many of which are friends) are all to – – Read more:

Maybe you too can compete ..!


In this part of the World, this is some serious stuff. If you’re feeling a little dearing,  perhaps you can get out one of your old Holloween costumes and go for it. Though I must warn you, the Talent at these Competitions is pretty fierce. But who knows, you just might be the Next American Idol or America’s Got Talent Winner Competitor. It all depends on how well you move the audience.

Let them EAT cake, please !!

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…Now who would say such a thing?

This poor kid’s scared for life …!

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...Sometimes it’s just a good idea to leave the kiddies at home. After all, this one’s had just about enough of ‘grandpa’s’ antics. And of all days to have forgotten his taser!

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The Irriplacable ‘Quentin Crisp’

Denis Charles Pratt was born in Sutton, Surrey, the fourth child of solicitor Spencer Charles Pratt (1871–1931) and former governess Frances Marion Pratt (née Phillips) (1873–1960); he changed his name to Quentin Crisp in his third decade after leaving home and cultivating his outlandishly effeminate appearance to a standard that both shocked contemporary Londoners and provoked homophobic attacks. By his own account, Crisp was effeminate in behaviour from an early age and found himself the object of teasing at Kingswood Preparatory School in Epsom, from where he won a scholarship to Denstone College, Uttoxeter, in 1922. After leaving school in 1926, Crisp studied journalism at King’s College London, but failed to graduate in 1928, going on to take art classes at the Regent Street Polytechnic. Around this time, Crisp began visiting the cafés of Soho – his favorite being The Black Cat in Old Compton Street – meeting other young homosexual men and rent-boys, and experimenting with make-up and women’s clothes. For six months he worked as a male prostitute, looking for love, he said in a 1999 interview, but finding only degradation. – – Find out more

NYC Graffiti • Photographer Mark Fisher

©ourtesy of  Don’t Blink, You Will Miss It!

Color On The Walls With A Hip Hop Theme With The Bright Colors The Execution Is Excellent Urban In Flavor Captured On Location Photographer Mark Fisher Is Well Accomplished In Beauty, Fashion, and Music Photography With A Worldwide Following. This Is A Web Release And It Is Not For Commercial Usage Without Permission Mark Fisher’s Work In Beauty, Fashion, Music, Press Images Have Appeared On The Web Since 1992 His Photography Work Started In 1966 … – – Read more

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Vargas Pin-up Girl [Esquire] c.1945

©ourtesy of  The Eye of Faith

Peruvian artist Joaquin Alberto Vargas y Chávez, who back then went by the moniker Varga, was the illustrator for a 1945 calendar issued by Esquire Magazine. We just love the way the women are drawn, and the classic pin-up style always draws us in. Enjoy this trip down memory lane. Thanks to Pulp International for the images. What did you make of 1945?? The Eye. – – Read more:

This is what’s called ….

Unconditional Love.

©ourtesy of  Mid- Work hard play hard [ Can you believe your eyes? ]

Star Wars Fighters

©ourtesy of Booshben’s Blog

Star Wars fans, here’s something you probably never imagined would happen to your beloved X-Wing and TIE Fighters – they’ve been turned into slot cars. The new sets come courtesy of UK outfit Scalextric. – more

‘Sex in the City’, Cynthia Nixon tells !!

Bald Cynthia Nixon Stirs Up Controversy With Gay by Choice RemarksCynthia Nixon has shocked many not only for going bald but also for making comments that being gay is a choice. The Emmy Award winner, who shaved her head for her role in the Broadway play “Wit”, quickly drew criticism from members of the gay community for the remarks she made in a recent New York Times Magazine interview. Influential gay blogger and activist John Aravosis was among those who openly expressed his strong disapproval to Nixon’s remarks. Saying that the actress “needs to learn how to choose her words better”, he wrote on the AmericaBlog Gay website, “If you like both flavors, men and women, you’re bisexual, you’re not gay.” – – read more
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