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3D Pencil Drawings by Ben Heine

©ourtesy of  wetheurban 

3D pencil photography x1

SPOTLIGHT: 3D Pencil Drawings by Ben Heine

Awesome Belgian artist Ben Heine created ‘Pencil vs Camera’, a work that mixes drawing and photography to create some fascinating imagery. – – See  & Read More → 

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The Male Figure in Art

©ourtesy of amoral.com

The Art of Figure Drawing

©by figure drawing Tuesday at artlikeart.

drawing figure drawing

Consciousness is a rumor …!

….from Hallidd’s Weblog

Trying to remember what innocence was like. Its impossible. I suppose history is against us. Every generation thinks that somewhere along the way they lost their innocence. For us it was Kennedy’s assassination. For the generation in college it was 911. For our parents it was Pearl Harbor. Or maybe The Crash. But the world has never been innocent. We’ve just been stupid. So I’ve imposed innocence on this story. I’ve treated childhood like a cartoon. That everything is exaggerated. … more here

Nude study drawing

Another Oldie by  Eggshells

Another older study, one of the first couple using white conte. I have some funny things planned for tomorrow, we’ll see.



Dames by  thekevinchen