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Dancing With The SCARS: Soon to be Released!

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What is up with television for Christ sake? Are we really that desperate to see ‘not so ordinary people’ do ‘extra-ordinary things’ in defeat.  In my opinion. The past few years DWTS has taken lengths in digging up more fossils that were/are soon to be extinct off the face of the Earth or maybe from the entire Universe.

To invite Celebrities to come on National Television and Dance as Professionals is beyond comprehension. Have we forgotten that Dancing is a Vocation, Craft, Profession & and an Art. There students right now as I decipher this non-sense, struggling to get on point whilst toning muscles in their bodies that most of us can only dream of manipulating just to achieve high art & beauty. So why the hell are these fools sitting up on International TV pretending to be struggling to coordinate a ‘Dance Number or Routine’ in a givin’ few days?

It’s utter BS and foolishness. Did they Cast & Recruit these celebrities in order to satisfy some idealistic myth they are in pursuit of? Or. Have they just ALL just gone MAD? I don’t get it. I don’t know about you, but, I’ve ‘NEVER’ wanted to be entertained that bad that I would need to sit up and look at anybody, celebrity or not, two-step with three left feet practically at times ending up in their partners ass. NO THANK You.

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A Divine Weekend in Special

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From John Waters to the Coen Brothers, Here’s What You Should Be Seeing This Weekend in New York

220px-John_Waters_Carlton_CannesJohn Samuel Waters, Jr. (born April 22, 1946) is an American film director, screenwriter, actor, stand-up comedian, journalist, visual artist, and art collector, who rose to fame in the early 1970s for his transgressive cult films. Waters’ 1970s and early ’80s trash films feature his regular troupe of actors known as the Dreamlanders—among them Divine, Mink Stole, David Lochary, Mary Vivian Pearce, and Edith Massey. Starting with Desperate Living (1977), Waters began casting real-life convicted criminals (Liz Renay, Patty Hearst) and infamous people (Traci Lords, a former porn star). Continue reading

Foot cream kills HIV by tricking cells to commit suicide

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Research has yet to be performed on people, Ciclopirox completely eradicates HIV from cell cultures — and the virus doesn’t bounce back when the drug is stopped.

drugA common drug that dermatologists prescribe to treat nail fungus appears to come with a not-so-tiny side effect: eradicating HIV.

In a study performed at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, not only does the drug Ciclopirox completely eradicate infectious HIV from cell cultures, but unlike today’s most cutting-edge antiviral treatments, the virus doesn’t bounce back when the drug is withheld. This means it may not require a lifetime of use to keep HIV at bay.

The same group of researchers had previously shown that Ciclopirox — approved by the FDA and Europe’s EMA as safe for human use to treat foot fungus — inhibits the expression of HIV genes in culture. Now they have found that it also blocks the essential function of the mitochondria, which results in the reactivation of the cell’s suicide pathway, all while sparing the healthy cells.

The researchers said that one aspect of HIV that makes it particularly persistent, even in the face of strong antiviral treatments, is its ability to disable a cell’s altruistic suicide pathway — which is typically activated when a cell is damaged or infected. In other words, infected cells that would normally commit suicide to spare healthy cells no longer pull any altruistic kamikaze missions. Ciclopirox tricks these cells back into their old ways with a double negative, disabling the disabling of the suicide pathway.

15 Good Looking Celebrities Who Destroyed Themselves with Plastic Surgery

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Celebrities probably feel more pressure than all of us to stay young and good looking, as they’re constantly in front of cameras practically every day of their lives. But unfortunately, this drives them to make some… questionable choices when it comes to their bodies. Plenty of celebrities have gone under the knife for plastic surgery over the years, but sometimes it can go wrong. Very wrong.

kenny-rogersKenny Rodgers

All of the celebrities you see here were at one point quite good looking, but botched or ill-conceived plastic surgery ravaged their faces and bodies more than time itself ever could. Check out the gallery below for 15 of the worst examples.


Donatella Versace

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Transgender Teen Named Homecoming Queen

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Cassidy Lynn Campbell

n-TRANSGENDER-HOMECOMING-QUEEN-largeOn Friday night, transgender teen Cassidy Lynn Campbell was crowned homecoming queen at a California high school. Campbell, a 16-year-old student at Marina High School in Huntington Beach, was shocked when blue and gold balloons revealed she had won the crown on Sept. 20, according to KTLA. “I instantly just dropped to the ground and started crying,” she said. She is the first transgender homecoming queen at Marina High School and hopes that her win echoes outside her town. “I realized it wasn’t for me anymore and I was doing this for so many people all around the county and the state and possibly the world and I am so proud to win this not just for me, but everyone out there,” she told KTLA. Campbell began taking hormone blockers and estrogen injections in high school to transition, according to the Los Angeles Times, and has documented her journey in videos on her YouTube channel, LanceMize. She decided to run for homecoming queen this year to make a statement.

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Get ready, here it comes: Another ‘HollaQueen’

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Americans love a good scary movie, particularly around one of our favorite times of the Year, Halloween. YES !!!. We LOVED it as kids cause of all the candy soon to make us all diabetics. But we really, really like it as adults ’cause we get a chance to scream the ba-jesus out ourselves with the help of ALL those Bad, oh so very BAD, Horror Flicks. So. Why disappoint yourself and miss out on all that foolishness? Join the rest of Gotham and get your annual SCARE in at your local Movie Theater this year for Halloween. Or. Better yet. Stay home and frighten ALL those little, precious, costumed monsters that will be arriving at your doorstep at this year’s Halloween celebration. And. Perhaps if you’re in a major city as I am, prepare for a Night of Celebration with the rest of your city’s Ghouls. Go out in the Streets on Halloween Night, October 31st & Scream your pretty little head off. You’ll feel so much better. Later…..!!!

The Carter Family Portraits

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beyonce and JZ

grant wood paintingToday, we may have come across our favorite Tumblr blog to date. “The Carter Family Portrait Gallery” features the faces of Beyoncé, Jay Z, Blue Ivy and the family’s famous friends painted onto famous classic works of art (can you spot the Obama cameo?).

As the connoisseur and lover of fine arts he is, or wants to be known as, Jay Z would probably approve. More after the jump LEFT: Artist GRANT WOOD Original painting.

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Iconic Artist and their Dogs

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The Artists and their dogs are (via)

  1. Andy Warhol and Archie (Featured above)
  2. Frida Kahlo and her Xoloitzcuintli dogs
  3. Georgia O’Keeffe and her Chow
  4. Jackson Pollock, Gyp, and Ahab
  5. Pablo Picasso with Lump

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America’s Next Top Model ‘worked-it’

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REBOUND: “This is the best thing that has ever happened On ANTM. From now on, this is what we’re doing every time someone we hate tries to hug YOU”

ANTM looserF A B – U – L U S T !!!

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James Wolcott on Celeb Chef Scandals

©ourtesy of James Wolcott Photo Illustration by Darrow

Pictured here: Nigella Lawson, Guy Fieri, Paula Deen, and Gordon Ramsay

Recipes for Disaster - James Wolcott on Celeb Chef Scandals

“It’s Getting Hot in Here! Food Network host Guy Fieri’s take down by The New York Times, Paula Deen’s blithe racism, Nigella Lawson’s domestic split—culinary controversy has been the order of the day. But some scandals are more digestible than others, and the explosions from Gordon Ramsay seem only to feed his fame”

Whom the gods would destroy, they first render plump and juicy. That is how foodies are brought down to earth. Last year it was Guy Fieri, the spiky-haired, garishly tattooed showman chef and host of Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, who found himself served on the sacrificial altar: glazed with honey, decorated with pineapple medallions, and then devilishly sliced up by the New York Times restaurant critic Pete Wells, whose review of Fieri’s Guy’s American Kitchen & Bar tourist trap in Times Square was the Schadenfreude dance party of the season. “Why did the toasted marshmallow taste like fish?” asked Wells, like a prosecuting attorney with Maalox lips. “And when we hear the words Donkey Sauce, which part of the donkey are we supposed to think about?” The destructive impact was seismic, amplified by the excitable Internet into a cause célèbre. It was considered by many a deserving, scathing comeuppance for Fieri, who had parlayed his higher-octane Barney Rubble TV personality into a schlock canteen intended to fleece the innocent sheep already paying extortionate prices for Broadway musicals. At least Hooters has, well, hooters. Continue reading