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Which Soccer Superstar Was Caught With His Hand Down His Pants?

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He may be the hottest soccer player of all time (he’s got our vote!), and he is incredibly talented. While training with his team out in LA this past weekend, he was caught with his hand down his pants. Clearly, he needed some adjusting? Who is this hottie? Check out the pictures and full story here! 

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Some things to question ???

©ourtesy of healthandwealthinfo Did you know this about Sugar Addiction?                                                             

You may have noticed feeling cravings soon after starting a diet plan. As you begin to take in more alkaline foods you start to leave highly acidic and sugary foods behind. Since your body has become so accustomed to these substances, it feels it needs them and thus begins to signal this through food cravings.  Read more…

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Treasures of Persepolis, Iran

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Persepolis was the ceremonial capital of the Persian empire.  Built around 500 BC, it is where the Persian kings and emperors were crowned, foreign dignitaries were entertained and Persian new year was celebrated.  It became one of the most beautiful capitals of its time and the envy of many empires to come.  Unfortunately, it was partly destroyed be Alexander the Great about 200 years after it was built. – –   Click for more photos

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Artistic Prints

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Latest Giclée Prints by KD MathseonGarden by KD

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 BOB MARLEY (ganjaMun) Source: ©ourtesy of highjohnn [] :: stayoverthere [] reblogged maryy-janeee []

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Vintage Black Show Biz Bitties

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Muriel Rahn and Muriel Smith, beautiful singer/actresses who alternated the lead role of Carmen in “Carmen Jones” on Broadway in 1943. This photo appeared in the program for the show.  Born in Boston and raised in Tuskegee, Alabama, Muriel Rahn became the first African-American singer to perform in an opera at Carnegie Hall a year before “Carmen Jones” when she appeared in Mozart’s Abduction from the Seraglio. Her last Broadway appearance was as Cora Lewis in “The Barrier,” an opera based on Langston Hughes’s play The Mulatto.  New York-born Muriel Smith originated the role of Carmen on Broadway.  In 1956, she turned down an offer from Samuel Goldwyn to star in the film version of ”Porgy and Bess,” stating,”It doesn’t do the right thing for my people.” After a successful career overseas, particularly Great Britain, she taught voice at Virginia Union University before her death in 1985.

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Japan Gion San Festival, Hiroshima 2012

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Portable Shrines

Lifting shrines in festival in Japan is a macho to do. This year I skipped participating and opted for photography instead. All text, images and sounds by Warren M Tang are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Please use for non-profit purposes only and link to the appropriate post. :: Read more…

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Rat-a-tat-tat tattoos

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Click to visit the original postWhen I was growing up, “good girls” didn’t have tattoos (or piercings, for that matter!)  Most adult women I knew didn’t have any at all, and if they did it was no more than a tiny rose hiding on their ankle, usually carefully concealed by a sock.  Tattoos were faded blue and blurry, and only for sailors, ex-convicts, and men entering or leaving the military.  Read more…

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Vintage Art

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“How Bad Can A Girl Get you ask?”

Pick-Up written by Harmon Bellamy, cover art by George Gross, 1949

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Herman Munster cuttin’ the rug

Two steppin’ with Olga the Bear

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EPISODE: Herman’s Child Psychology, 1965

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