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California is Number #1 State where poverty is worse than you think!

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CALIFORNIA: Supplemental poverty rate 2011-2013: 23.4% (the highest)povertyCALIFORNIA HAS:

> An Official poverty rate: 16.0% (15th highest)

> The State price level: 4th highest

> Pct. without health insurance: 17.2% (8th highest)

In no state was the gap between the official poverty rate and the supplemental poverty rate wider than in California. Between 2011 and 2013, an average of 16% of residents earned incomes below the poverty line, one of the higher rates in the nation. Once taxes, cost of living, and non-cash income were taken into account, the poverty rate rose to 23.4%, the highest supplemental poverty rate nationwide. California’s high cost of living is the largest force pushing state residents into poverty. The cost of rent relative to the rest of the nation was higher than in every state except for Hawaii in 2012. Every day items are also more expensive in California than in the vast majority of states. And despite a wide-ranging need for government assistance, just 9.4% of households received food stamps last year, one of the lowest rates. – – READ MORE

Other States with grave POVERTY are:

2) HAWAII  |  3) NEW JERSEY  |  4) FLORIDA  |  5) NEVADA  |   6)  MARYLAND  |  7) VIRGINIA  |  8) MASSACHUSETTS  |  9) NEW HAMPSHIRE  |  10) CONNECTICUT Continue reading

Dr. Who I Say! 50th Anniversary Premiere.

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Dr Who I say

Meet Doctor Who expert Dr. Piers D. Britton — a real person who wrote a book on Doctor Who titled TARDISbound and teaches a class on the iconic show at the University of Redlands in California.

On the eve of Doctor Who‘s eagerly awaited 50th Anniversary special — which will be unveiled tomorrow on BBC America at 2:50 p.m. ET — Dr. Britton revealed to us 15 strange and fascinating Doctor Who facts, covering everything from Steven Moffat’s thoughts on Matt Smith’s bowtie to what inspired The Weeping Angels.

Santa Monica Pier, in 1900’s LA

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Santa Monica Pier, in the 1900's

The last time Angelenos had something to celebrate on September 9, ’09 was one hundred years ago today when the Santa Monica Municipal Pier first opened to the public. Ever since its beginning, the 1,600-foot-long concrete pier has been popular with tourists, fishermen, and hungry locals. To celebrate the “pleasure pier’s” centennial, the city of Santa Monica is hosted numerous events that evening including a fireworks display and musical performances by The Big Bamboo Steel Band and the “king of surf guitar,” Dick Dale. Hungry visitors were invited to picnic on the beach or visit one of the many restaurants on the pier to watch this evening’s firework display. Between the ocean-side amusement rides and trinket stands, there were plenty of eating options that range from gourmet to gut wrenching. Dining choices on the pier included food court fare from Harbor Grill, shrimp and ribs from Bubba Gump Shrimp Company, crustaceans from The Lobster, funnel cakes from the Funnel Cake Factory, and something called Dippin’ Dots–an ice cream served in the form of day-glow beads. If a self-catered beach picnic is more your speed, then a stop at Bay City’s Deli for essentials or just a Godmother sandwich to go was in order.

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Antonioni’s Film ‘ZABRISKIE POINT’

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film ZABRISKIE POINT antonionni 1970An epic portrait of late Sixties America, as seen through the portrayal of two of its children: anthropology student Daria (who’s helping a property developer build a village in the Los Angeles desert) and dropout Mark (who’s wanted by the authorities for allegedly killing a policeman during a student riot). | Written by Michael Brooke <michael@everyman.demon.co.uk>

LA PRIDE PARADE Photos 6/12/2011

JOHNNY WEIR, Parades Grand Marshall


The Annual Los Angeles LGBT Pride Parade was a blast with our Grand Marshall, none other than JOHNNY WEIR  Himself, the Olympic World Champion Ice Skating Princess. The crowd couldn’t get enough of Him. MARGARET CHO as well, brought Her CHO Ho’s with Her to complete the frosting on Top. Some other celebrities included folks like ‘Gloria Allred‘, the Mayor of Los Angeles, ‘Maria Conchita Alonzo’ and many, many more. It was definitely a most ‘colorful’ Extravaganza. Lots of pictures available right here. CLICK (over 250)  and  [ FACEBOOK Pix (less) ] … Enjoy!

Margaret Cho

DROP DEAD DIVA, Margaret Cho & The CHO Ho's


For the ‘Gurl’s’ that have EVERYTHING..!

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Summer Dress from London (Duchamp inspired)Incontinence a Problem?

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Try this New, self-absorbent miracle dress. Now your ‘Diapers‘ are Fashionable and odor Free. *Yippeeeee …!


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Calling All ASSMASTERS..listen up

Margaret will be riding in the LA PRIDE parade on June 12th and is looking for 50 fans to march with her and help get the word out about the upcoming release of “Cho Dependent.”Margaret Cho will be riding in the LA PRIDE Parade on June 12th, 2011 and is looking for 50 fans to march with her and help get the word out about the upcoming release of “Cho Dependent.” If you’re a Cho Ho who is interested in marching with Margaret in the parade, and you’re available on June 12th in Los Angeles, Californie,  just please send an email with your name, phone number and t-shirt size to: cho_team@margaretcho.com and someone will get back to you with instructions.  We only have room for 50 fans, so first come first serve!

Getting “tanked” in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES (CBS/AP) — The average price for a gallon of self-serve regular unleaded gasoline in Los Angeles County has passed the $4 mark for the first time since Aug. 19, 2008.  The average price is 3.3 cents higher than a week ago, 33.9 cents above what it was one month ago, and 90.3 cents greater than it was one year ago, according to figures from the AAA and Oil Price Information Service.This is getting ugly! Stopped by the gas station today to get some gas and I got a little light-headed. Unbelievable the rapid price hikes we are enduring, here in Los Angeles. Pretty soon we’re gonna have to do like some Asian countries and rely on bicycles and mopeds. So, everyone, stock up on your Wheaties and make sure you have a pair of good running shoes. Things are getting out of hand and that includes, “driving”. Gives us a BREAK will ya’, I am NOT getting any younger.

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