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The evolution of pop cans from 1950 to today.

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7-up coca cola DrPepper orangeCrush Pepsi

Here are what the cans for six brands of soda have looked like over the last 50 years.

Visit boldpost for some discussion and analysis of each…!

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The Photographer’s Gallery in the UK

©ourtesy of thephotographersgallery Butlins Collection Lounge Adjoining Indoor Heated Pool, Butlin’s Bognor Regis — Edmund NageleLounge Adjoining Indoor Heated Pool, Butlin’s Bognor Regis — Edmund Nagele

Butlins Collection

The Butlin’s Collection forms a glorious moment in the story of British photography. Butlin’s holiday camps first opened in 1936 and were conceived as a holiday centre for the great mass of working-class families, becoming a familiar part of British culture and folklore. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, the John Hinde Studio produced a series of postcards to be sold at Butlin’s camps throughout the British Isles; it was the job of three photographers, David Noble, Elmar Ludwig and Edmund Nägele to execute the photographs to Hinde’s rigorous formula and standards.

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Hey guys…my ride’s here

Gee…always thought BMW stood for ‘Big Mexican Women’

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Precious Love

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This and 20 other pictures that will heal the world.

…One way to avoid a Headache.

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Some WARHOL Polaroids

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All ya need

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Despite the lack of a proper supermarket, cafe and population of excess 300, Bremmer bay has some good beaches. Surfed all day here, then broke out the tripod for sunset. – – Read more…

Okay ya’ll it’s April Fools Day

…don’t say I didn’t warn ya’ !!! Go ‘round the World and See.

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Straight Girls & Gay Porn

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So when Adam and Michelle put out their whiny request saying they were “tired” and “too exhausted” to post this week (wah wah wah) and DESPERATELY wanted guest posts, I thought … what could I, the classy sophisticated woman that I am, write about for a guest post? Of course, the obvious answer was Mikey’s favorite: hardcore gay porn. Now everyone knows that straight girls only like porn with romantic music and floaty curtains, and soft gentle non-threatening male actors, right? – – Read more…

African-American, Shakespearean Actor

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Earle Hyman, the Shakespearean actor best known to most as “Grandpa Huxtable” [Crosby Show] in a 1959 Smirnoff vodka ad.

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