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These promo’s sez it ALL

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50 shades of fetish at today’s Folsom St. Fair in San Francisco’s SOM area S I Z Z L E S !

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Folsom Street Fair, San Francisco

Folsom Street Fair, San Francisco (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Suburbia may be open to the idea of bondage-tinged romance, thanks to the best-selling “Fifty Shades of Grey” trilogy, but may not be ready for the Folsom Street Fair just yet. Among the costumed participants at the 29th annual leather and fetish fair, which drew an estimated 400,000 people to Folsom Street on Sunday to celebrate alternative sexuality, were men in leather chaps and studded vests and police-like hats; citizens in latex bodysuits and hoods that covered their Continue reading

20% of Anorexics Are Men

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20% of Anorexics Are Men!   Twenty percent, and rising. More and more men are starving themselves to death in a pathological pursuit of perfection. Male anorexics have much in common with women who suffer from the same debilitating illness, but there’s a striking difference: For the vast majority of men, help is not on the way. When food is served, John eats as if it’s a relearned behavior, as if he’s a robot trying to pass as human. He tells me he eats only because not eating will trigger a sequence of events that begins with him losing his job: “And if I lose the job…” Mordantly he observes that he still reads articles about the Golden Gate Bridge to see “whether or not they’ve ever gotten around to installing that suicide barrier.” He calls it his Plan C. Continue reading

Republican ‘afterGlow’ on the DL

Very Strained Bedfellows

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Hey guys…my ride’s here

Gee…always thought BMW stood for ‘Big Mexican Women’

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This is gonna be a very lavish funeral

What a way to go guy? Heard you can’t take it with you. Oh well….!

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