Ferguson’s Response to the grand jury decision. Anger!

©ourtesy of The Editor

My Response. Disappointment.

Rest in Peace HATEWhat disappointments me most is how the world so easily misinterprets the atrocities of Humans by isolating a TRAGEDY to one GROUP. In this case, The St. Louis Police Department (I am NOT in defense of anyone involved mind you). Admit-tingly, No Judge or Jury can decide any case, with or without Evidence. Supposedly. In truth. No one Person or a ‘lot’ of Persons, have the CAPACITY to Judge another Human Being even with a mountain of Evidence. All one can do is what the Courts attempt to do and that is, TO GUESSTIMATE. So. Where does that leave us?

Here! In a World ravaged with FEAR, HATE and Injustice for ALL.

There’s really only 1 (ONE) solution in order for us to begin a Journey to recovery, Our Journey, towards a Civilization that doesn’t LIVE in constant judgement & fear of each other. The probabilities of such type of existence might seem almost be mystically based. How we treat each other in this day and age continues to be of great consequence which is NO different from People of the Stone age.

As a People in this World, it seems as if Our Ego will never free us enough to allow Humans to live without the fear of each others CULTURE, RACE & ECONOMICS. Therefore, a conscious effort made by every one of us to get rid of the HATE.

A Police Department as in Ferguson is structured by a HATE that has long existed, along with not only Our American Government but Governments All over the World. We cannot fix anything without knowing the cause as to why the thing got broke to begin with.

Social media, television & communication of every sort, has given the world a chance to be Heard, Seen and Enlightened, globally. Now, as Citizen of this Planet, we need to pay great attention to everything that passes our way in order to help unite Our Hearts.  And, if we continue to do this in times to come, we will then begin to Lighten the Load of HATE which encumbers so many Souls in the World.

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