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Artist FRIDA KAHLO.. a timeless Beauty

Check this out: Frida, a photo series Tribute by Austrian artist collective Atelier Olschinsky. ©ourtesy of acharmingwoman:

A Real Tall Tail ..!

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Visual Artifacts

©ourtesy of   ‘In want of something’ Studio Colrouphobia

A little update of some visuals whilst we prepare for the first guestbloggers and some other goodies. Currently, the studio has quite a lot of work t do but if you’d be interested in hiring us for work, feel free to contact us, either through this blog or through our email:  ”‘studio . colrouphobia @ gmail . com” (without the blank-spaces of course).   Read more…

Pixar animates the Hindu Pantheon

©ourtesy of Copper + Vine :: Pixar Animator Rethinks Mythology

By Maria Popova

What the goth Goddess of Time has to do with elephant head transplants and Pixar’s pastimes. What if you could cross The Night Life of Trees, the magical artwork based on Indian mythology, with The Ancient Book of Myth and War, that delightful side project by a team of Pixar animators? Read more…

Celebrating Lawrence Ferlinghetti at 93…WOW !

Last week Lawrence Ferlinghetti turned 93 years old and counting. I am proud to say that he’s still going strong. I had the privilege of writing an article about  Ferlinghetti many years ago for MODA Collezioni, an Italian Fashion Magazine for which they featured the Man himself for being celebrated as a  San Francisco treasure. Ferlinghetti is the product of good old Italian and Jewish heritage. In Italy, Ferlinghetti is really highly respected and Loved. As one of the  last remaining survivors of the  so-called “Beat Generation”,  Ferlinghetti has always been a most creative force in the world of Art. In addition, Ferlinghetti remains a staple in San Francisco with His Iconic, City Lights Bookstore based  in North Beach. Many visitors to the city by the Bay rarely leave without a visit to the famed Bookstore. As poet, playwright, publisher, and activist, Lawrence Ferlinghetti helped to spark the San Francisco literary renaissance of the 1950s and the subsequent “Beat” movement. Like the Beats, Ferlinghetti felt Continue reading

…One way to avoid a Headache.

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Hotography: JACOB McCLELLAN by Bell Soto

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Man’s face is eaten by naked attacker

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Man is in critical condition (VIDEO) at a Miami hospital after a naked man attacked him on a MacArthur Causeway off-ramp and ate 75% of his face, authorities said.

A man whose face was eaten by a naked attacker in Miami is fighting for his life as authorities try to piece together just what sparked the horrific incident. The identity of the two men remains unclear, although some reports suggest they may have been homeless men living beneath the MacArthur Causeway, which connects downtown Miami to South Beach. The gruesome attack went down in broad daylight Saturday afternoon, authorities said. The two men are visible in surveillance video captured from a nearby building, but it is unclear if the entire horror show was recorded. The pair appeared to be fighting, said Larry Vega, a Miami resident who first witnessed the nightmarish scene on an off-ramp by Biscayne Boulevard, which is near the offices of The Miami Herald newspaper. “When I looked Continue reading

Ok, here it tis’, My Next Vacation, Paradise.

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Please Don’t Hate Me…wish You were there too! Dream it, Believe it and it will Happen.

It’s ‘FRANKIE Babee’ Retro UK Poster

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