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Hollywood Movie Events in Los Angeles March 2-8

Commentary by Mary

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“The Fly” and its sequel “Curse of the Fly” are playing this week at The Million Dollar Theater in downtown Los Angeles Hollywood Movie Events in Los Angeles March 2-8, 2012 It’s another jam-packed week of movie events in Hollywood this week including special appearances by the cast of “The Hunger Games,” a Seussapalooza, Marx Brothers movies, French comedy flicks, two of Spencer Tracy’s best films, a red carpet premiere, and so much more. – read more – ~~~ The … Read more:

Late Night in Hollywood

Story by haute heels

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Late Night with Bill Eddins Last night was spent at Late Night Symphony at the Winspear Centre. Probably one of the best Friday night’s spent in Edmonton. I had the pleasure of listening to conductor Bill Eddins work the audience throughout the night. His humour, suave and talent kept the crowd on their toes. The music featured in last nights performance was inspired! Hollywood was the theme, so you can image the talent it takes to score a film. The orchestra played songs from the classic James Bond … – – Read more:

‘God Is the Bigger Elvis,’ Starring Sister Dolores Hart

A Nun’s Return to the Red Carpet

Wendy Carlson for The New York Times

NEW ROLE Dolores Hart left Hollywood in 1963. The Abbey of Regina Laudis has been her home since.

By WENDY CARLSON | Published: February 24, 2012

“God Is the Bigger Elvis” has its premiere on HBO on April 5;  special free screening held at the Bantam Cinema in Litchfield on March 24 and 25 at 12 noon with a Q and A.

IT is a story straight out of Hollywood. A beautiful young starlet walks away from a blossoming movie career to become a nun, and 50 years later she returns to the Academy Awards ceremony — as the subject of an Oscar-nominated film. The real-life drama of Dolores Hart, known as Mother Prioress to the nuns here at the Abbey of Regina Laudis, unfolds in the HBO film “God Is the Bigger Elvis,” one of five nominees for best documentary (short subject). The 35-minute film examines Mother Dolores’s transformation from a Hollywood ingénue and the recipient of Elvis Presley’s first on-screen kiss to a cloistered Benedictine nun at the abbey, where for the past nine years she has been the prioress, the second in authority below the abbess, Mother David Serna. Scheduled to be shown on HBO in April, the documentary offers a Continue reading

Nicki Minaj “Grammy” statement..oh well !!

For Your Viewing Pleasure: The 54th Grammys 

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The Best and Worst So tonight’s red carpet looks were interesting to say the least. So I’m not going to talk much I just going to let the pictures speak for themselves. Huh?? CLBD WorstFergie- No!! CLBD WorstAdele- CLBD Best Taylor Swift -CLBD BestMs. Keys- Just Ok D’manti- An CLBD WorstCorinne Bailey Rae- Just Ok.. (Kinda on the fence about this look)Common-Looking handsome as usual.. CLBD Best – – Read more

WTF was Whoopi wearing at the ‘Tony’s’ ..?

photo of The View's Whoopi Goldberg, who attended the Tony Awards in NYC on June 12.The View‘s Whoopi Goldberg, who attended the Tony Awards in NYC on June 12, 2011 looks very disappointed that everyone’s mouth was bouncing off the Red Carpet because of this getup she was wearing.  Unfortunately, I think Whoopi didn’t get a chance to tell everyone [especially the one’s that had to be put on oxygen],  that She was headed back to the Met’s Costume Institute after the Awards to hang the outfit back up on the dress form She took it off from last Halloween. Well,  it is quite obvious to me that Whoopi made a slight “mistake” in Her choice in what to wear to this Annual Award Show. Dressing like your Great, Great, Great, Great Grand Momma did, in Her Sunday Go to Meetin‘ Ensemble, is just Wrong for such Vital occasions like the Tony’s. Look! I Love and Adore Whoopi. She’s one of my favorite People on the Planet, therefore I can forgive Whoopi, this time, ONLY.  But Please, for Christ sake‘s Darlin’, please, please don’t try this stunt again in this lifetime. Understand this Dear. The reason we have ‘Stylist’ in the world of Fashion, is simple. Here’s Why. It is basically in order to prevent Horrors like this from taking place. I know You didn’t mean to ‘Hurt’ us all like this Whoopi. But, you did hurt our eyes & brains to a point where I personally did the unthinkable and opened the draw in my home, where I keep my .45 & strongly considered ending it ALL! This was a very, very, very painful experience for me. Especially since I am a Seasoned Fashion Pro. I tried making  excuses for You to my Friends. I said to my Friends. Maybe, just maybe She forgot to take Her Medication. Then one of my Friends responded to my comment by saying “…well what if She is not on medication Miss Thing”. I then told her, “…well after this debacle Whoopi proved the even stronger need for Drugs in this World”! Looking at You, Whoopi on TV that night at the ‘Tony’s’  made everyone hallucinate, viciously. Never again, I beg You!

HINT for Whoopi: Leave Fashion ‘Risk Taking’ to the Skilled and Trained Professional “Stylist”. They are ALL there to Help You. And Sister, this Faux-pas was  screaming for HELLLLL P! If Your ‘Stylist’ fails You, then You simply will have some recourse. The way You handled it Whoopi, ain’t “nobody” to blame, except the Your Designer & You. And He did nothing wrong, he designed a descent dress but not suited for the ‘occasion’. Know what I am sayin’ gurrrl friend? Your Designer, ‘Christian Siriano’ is obviously, NOT A STYLIST.