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5 most incredible surprise discoveries of the week, revealed.

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chinaA pair of surprise discoveries, one in a museum basement and the other from a plane over the desert, highlight the week’s list

1. 6.5K-Year-Old ‘Noah’ Found in Museum Basement: An ancient skeleton gathering dust in the basement of the Penn Museum in Philadelphia for 85 years finally has an ID: It’s a 6,500-year-old man newly nicknamed Noah. Turns out, he was rather big and long-lived for his day.

2. Sandstorms Reveal Ancient Designs in Peru Desert: Sandstorms in Peru have revealed mysterious designs believed to have been etched into the desert thousands of years ago. The newly exposed geoglyphs include a snake nearly 200 feet long as well as a bird and some llama-like creatures. The discovery is courtesy of a pilot flying by.

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Bridging the Gap

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bridging the gapThe world’s highest bridge, The Bridge Of Immortals, is situated in the Yellow Mountains, also known as Huangshan. From the bridge you will have a breathtaking view, and see how the clouds are touching mountainsides beneath you.

China suspends officials, apologizes ‘after’ photos of woman forced to abort child at seven months spark outrage

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Click to visit the original postBEIJING — China suspended three officials and apologized to a woman who was forced to undergo an abortion seven months into her pregnancy in a case that sparked an uproar after graphic photos of the mother and her dead baby were circulated online. The moves appeared to be aimed at allaying public anger over a case that has triggered renewed criticism of China’s widely hated one-child limit. Read more

Money makers: Forbes’ top 10 Chinese celebrities

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1. Fan Bingbing

Fan Bingbing

Actress Fan Bingbing has topped this year’s Forbes China Celebrity 100 List.

Released earlier this week, the Forbes list ranked Chinese actress Fan Bingbing at the top with an annual income of 122 million yuan (RM58.56mil). Joining her in the top 10 were familiar names like Andy Lau, Zhang Ziyi and Jackie Chan. Celebrities were ranked based on their commercial value, which is calculated based on their income and exposure.

Here are the other top 10 Chinese celebritiess who made the cut. 

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The Invisible Man – Liu Bolin

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Liu Bolin’s images invite a game akin to Where’s Waldo?. In some of the Chinese artist’s incredible photos, it’s clear where he is standing; in others, like the some of the above, it’s much harder to spot the outline of his body at all. It’s for this that Bolin has been called “The Invisible Man.”

Holy! Liu Bolin’s images invite a game akin to Where’s Waldo?. In some of the

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The evolution of pop cans from 1950 to today.

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7-up coca cola DrPepper orangeCrush Pepsi

Here are what the cans for six brands of soda have looked like over the last 50 years.

Visit boldpost for some discussion and analysis of each…!

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