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Senior Moment. Still the Bitchin Babe!

©ourtesy of fuckyeahdementia

bitchin babe“That’s right honey, Grandma is still cookin’ with gas and you ALL will just have to get over it. Okaaaay !!”

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This is gonna be a very lavish funeral

What a way to go guy? Heard you can’t take it with you. Oh well….!

©ourtesy of John Guy Mammoser

Take a peek-at-some fun pics & artist works

©ourtesy of OHARA DESIGN GROUP…for example Philippe Halsman, Max Huber, Helen Levitt and more
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Gabriel Moginot for Horst

©ourtesy of hangerstories

Gabriel Moginot for Horst’s Second Issue. Remember him from Kate Moss’s April 2012 ed on American Vogue? This corsetier finally had an olympiad all his own in an editorial aptly called ‘55cm’ for Horst’s second issue. Featuring pieces from the menswear collections with his creations, he is the true-blue gender-bending, haute S&M poster child of the century.

Photography by Armin Morbach and styling by Ingo Nahrwold. For more about Gabriel Moginot, click here

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‘Sultry on the Doorstep’

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Pulp fiction cover art by Barye Phillips, 1950’s

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Black, White & Blue Photography

©ourtesy of TT Coles Photography

Just want to share some images that I shot a loooooooong time ago, maybe about a year and a half ago to be a little more precise. Anyway, I never publicly shared this series (with the exception of one photo}. I was a little insecure about putting it out there because:

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No tips….!

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Ohh shit…the mind Is Really a terrible thing to waste ?

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Artful Creations of Alessandro Pautasso

©ourtesy of  art-profiles.com

Alessandro Pautasso, aka Kaneda, a photographer, graphic designer, and illustrator based in Turin Italy. Kaneda is specialized in vector art and lately have been experimenting a lot portraits creating a mixture of photography and vector that is really amazing. View more of him in Artful Creations of Alessandro Pautasso or his site http://www.nosurprises.it

Zirco Circus and Ultraviolet Detours

©ourtesy of The Starry Messenger

Often playfully macabre, theatrical, and possessing an impressive and creative dedication to all the possibilities of black light, I first met James “Zirco” Fisher at the Bazaar of the Bizarre where he was promoting a number of his diverse projects. Aside from being a part of the dark ambient group “Squid Lid”, Zirco Fisher also does an array of illustrations including his “Disfigures of Speech” series, one of which is shown below: Whether DJing or performing their own … Read more

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NYC Graffiti • Photographer Mark Fisher

©ourtesy of  Don’t Blink, You Will Miss It!

Color On The Walls With A Hip Hop Theme With The Bright Colors The Execution Is Excellent Urban In Flavor Captured On Location Photographer Mark Fisher Is Well Accomplished In Beauty, Fashion, and Music Photography With A Worldwide Following. This Is A Web Release And It Is Not For Commercial Usage Without Permission Mark Fisher’s Work In Beauty, Fashion, Music, Press Images Have Appeared On The Web Since 1992 His Photography Work Started In 1966 … – – Read more

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