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Japan Gion San Festival, Hiroshima 2012

©ourtesy of tang clang photoblog 

Portable Shrines

Lifting shrines in festival in Japan is a macho to do. This year I skipped participating and opted for photography instead. All text, images and sounds by Warren M Tang are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Please use for non-profit purposes only and link to the appropriate post. :: Read more…

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Weathering the Storms in a…

House of The Future

Ted Givens, an architect with Hong Kong’s 10Design created this prototype for a tornado-safe home. Hydraulic levers pull the Kevlar-coated house into the ground when high-velocity winds pass by. The high-tech structure’s roof then locks so water and wind can’t enter. Once the weather clears, the house unfolds and residents resume normal life.  :: Read more

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That Geisha Look, Retro Kimono

©ourtesy of Various Scans Yield-For-Kimono

Every once in a while, I buy old magazines, books, and various knick-knacks with pictures of maiko and geiko on them, then scan them and upload to Flickr to share with you all. I like to think that I’m helping keep the memories of these ladies alive. Plus, it’s always fun to admire their hikizuri kimono! [The Sun Magazine, June 1972 Issue] – – Read more…


©⊙ω⊙!!! RURU COMIX

SUPA KAWAII DESU. MAGICAL OTAKU APPEARS!!! The first issue of this daily-life-epic will be out somewhere in the future. And it’s what i’m doing right now. News soon. – – more


Children of Bombay’ Series

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