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FIRST LOOK: New Premiere Posters

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Stunning New Posters for Tim Sutton’s Memphis Premiering in Venice This Week

Senior Moment. Still the Bitchin Babe!

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bitchin babe“That’s right honey, Grandma is still cookin’ with gas and you ALL will just have to get over it. Okaaaay !!”

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Royal baby memorabilia delivers a ‘boy’

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most terrifying royal baby memorabilia

Here’s the weirdest/most terrifying royal baby memorabilia as seen on Etsy, eBay and beyond.

The evolution of pop cans from 1950 to today.

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7-up coca cola DrPepper orangeCrush Pepsi

Here are what the cans for six brands of soda have looked like over the last 50 years.

Visit boldpost for some discussion and analysis of each…!

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The Hand-Painted Film Posters of John J. Lomasney

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The Hand-Painted Film Posters of John J. Lomasney 00The Hand-Painted Film Posters of John J. Lomasney 01The Hand-Painted Film Posters of John J. Lomasney 02The Lomasney Collection consists of over 800 hand-painted film posters originally displayed in the The Royal Hawaiian Theater in Honolulu. Painted by artist John J. Lomasney and spanning over 50 years of cinematic history, they were acquired by tennis legend John McEnroe and displayed in his Soho, NYC gallery. [kkstarratings]

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Supermodel: The Imagined Body. Maybe!

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The Body Shop - Know Your Mind, Love Your Body

 Remember when you used to pull posters out of magazines and safely remove the staples to avoid major holes going on? No ?

Then you’re probably under thirty.

I had this poster on the wall next to my bed when I was a teenager.  I think I pulled it out of a magazine I picked up in store  at The Body Shop.  I blu-tac’d it up on my bedroom wall and it lived there for years.  As far as I remember, it was on the wall in my university halls of residence room as well, not sure what happened to it after that though. I’ve always been overweight and this poster always made me smile despite that. I’d forgotten all about it until I spotted it tonight on Twitter so Thank You to The Body Shop and Emma C for the memories. I don’t feel so bad about eating that Lindt bunny I’ve been saving now.

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Which Soccer Superstar Was Caught With His Hand Down His Pants?

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He may be the hottest soccer player of all time (he’s got our vote!), and he is incredibly talented. While training with his team out in LA this past weekend, he was caught with his hand down his pants. Clearly, he needed some adjusting? Who is this hottie? Check out the pictures and full story here! 

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Artistic Prints

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Latest Giclée Prints by KD MathseonGarden by KD

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Guess Who ….?

Oh my Goodness…it’s a Photo of Baby Angelina Jolie that just surfaced


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Sad clown, Black and white and red, street art

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Sad clown : black and white and red, street art photo black and white

This photo  is available in print or under license: to know our prices and  conditions :contact

Photo copyright Elisabeth Hurtel. All rights reserved