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Humans of New York ‘Love this Blog’

©ourtesy of humansofnewyork

Five years ago I got hit by a jeep on my bike“Five years ago I got hit by a jeep on my bike. I woke up in the hospital, my face was messed up, I was on lots of morphine, and my family had all gone home because they’d been told I wouldn’t wake up that night. I was really scared. The next few weeks, while I was healing, I told myself that if I ever got better, I’d never live a mediocre life.” 
“And what are you doing now?”
“I got a BS in Mechanical Engineering and now I’m getting a PhD in Biomedical Science.”
“What are you going to do with it?”
“I’m going to save humankind, of course.” —

So Inspirational !

Fireworks vs. Lightening on 4th of July

©ourtesy of Jacob Marchio

Summer brings about many things, and storms and July 4th fireworks are some of them. Below are photos of both that happened this week. Photographing lighting is challenging and takes patience, but it is rewarding if you actually get something. I was actually in the car at the time I took the pictures and didn’t have my tripod, so I rolled the window down and rested my camera on the edge. Happy 4th of JULY Everyone !!!!

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Blue Moon

©ourtesy of BARRE NONE ~ Cem Catbas

A marvel born now and anon

Of a lunar southwest monsoon

Same month twice a full moon

Once in a blue moon at noon

Blue Moon.     Read more…

Pegasus in the Mind

©Pegasus in the Mind by amras888

The Pegasus is from a frosted crystal ornament in our house.  The amazing background is from NASA. According to *Bill Donahue  of http://www.hiddenmeanings.com, Pegasus symbolizes the awakening of cosmic memory, the times we are living in, and, interestingly, it also represents the hippocampus of the brain. It’s worth a little research. *Definitely not the person of similar name who defends child abusers. (Sorry to mention.)  – – Read more


©ourtesy of theotherblack:

Artist:  Archibold Motley

Artist:  Robert Pruitt “Tesla Coil”

Photo: “Kalahari Desert Woman” [looks like Oprah]

Amari Baraka aka “Leroy Jones”

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Brittney Lee

©ourtesy of Things I like on the internets

This artist’s work was like “Oh, that’s cool,” but then it was explained to me that her work is not digital and she hand crafts everything from paper, does the lighting, then shoots it. Then I was like “Oh. Snap. That’s really impressive and she must have billions of paper cuts!”  – – Read more: