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Yes…we Love our Animals

©ourtesy of LadyFabulous

Meet Motala, a 50 year old elephant from Thailand who lost her front left leg in 1999 after stepping on a land mine left over from ongoing conflicts along the Thai-Myanmar border. When the accident occurred Motala was a working elephant who moved trees for a living. She was simply foraging for food in the forest when she stepped on the mine. Although her owners tried to save poor Motala’s leg, the limb was so badly damaged that it eventually had to be amputated below the knee. It wasn’t until 2006 that she was able to receive her first artificial leg. It was only a temporary solution, but she successfully learned to walk on it. In 2009 Motala received her first permanent prosthesis, made for her at the Friends of the Asian Elephant (FAE) elephant hospital in the Mae Yao National Reserve in Thailand. Because prosthetic legs must be changed according to weight, Motala has been given other legs accordingly and received a new one last year, her third. A documentary entitled The Eyes of Thailand shows the amazing moment when Motala took her first few steps on her first prosthetic leg. Check out incredibly moving video of that awesome moment here.  – – (CLICK continue to See Motala with her new Leg

This Act of Kindness leads me to believe that our World still has some LOVE left in it! Continue reading

Imagery: majestic photo women

by ©VANDIELANDNational Geographic that arrived today (or more like looking at the pictures), when I arrived on their PHOTO JOURNAL section. They featured Traer Scott and more specifically her Natural History portfolio. It is such an amazing set! The photographer in me just wants to steal her idea and go out and do the exact same thing, although I know that the range of photos she captured (candidly, many props to her), is worth many, many hours waiting in front of dioramas. So instead I – – Read more:

‘Transsexual’ Flight Attendants

‘Ladyboy’ Flight Attendants Begin Ascent with Thailand‘s P.C. Air

At Thailand’s P.C. Air, transsexual flight attendants are taking to the skies—and boosting acceptance of the country’s “third sex” while they’re at it. … read more by NewsFeed

Do You Puke When You Kiss Your Girl?

You Puke When You Kiss Your GirlThis Person obviously has some issues yet we shouldn’t judge!


Here is my problem. Every time I start kissing my girlfriend and we begin to get a little intimate, I have to throw up or puke. Hummmm…!


This is an unfortunate problem and one that is being triggered by your unconscious mind. Your vomiting sounds like an unconscious defense mechanism.

If you’ve been reading my column for a while you know that defense mechanisms are designed to protect the self from dangerous or unacceptable feelings. There are hundreds of defense mechanisms, from denial to avoidance to projection to displacement, the list goes on and on. Your vomiting helps you to expel a feeling…..[read more]