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No ….I said

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Sleeper hit refers to a film, book, single, album, TV show, or video game that gains unexpected success or recognition. Sleeper hits often grow in popularity over time. Some sleeper hits achieve unexpected success at the box office immediately upon their initial theatrical release, but this is not typical. Because these films are not expected to do particularly well they often receive little promotion or advertising and take time to register with the public. Typically the sleeper hit relies instead on … Read more


Pamela Anderson to play “The Virgin Mary” in Christmas special

When you think of Pamela Anderson you think “Baywatch,” swimsuits and maybe sex tapes. But the blond bombshell is now set to play the mother of the baby Jesus in a role, albeit comedic, for Canadian TV show “A Russell Peters Christmas Special”.  

I am guessing here, “Nothing, at all, is Sacred anymore”.  Hopefully Miss Pamela can handle wearing the veil and robe without causing them ALL to just burst into flames. – – more

And they say Men have BALLS!

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