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Musics’ Background Singers are Finally getting a Voice in this Docu Film

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Take a Look at their Story in ‘Twenty Feet From Stardom’

20feetThis film, TWENTY FEET FROM STARDOM is about Music’s unsung Heroes of Rock & Roll, Pop, Jazz, Classical music. You name it! Some of  these Guys and Gals have, many times, made a difference in how some of your biggest Artist in the Music business, polished off their hits. You might or might have not ever noticed what they looked liked but many, many times you noticed their special & unique, VOICES. People like Merry Clayton (backed Artist like The Rolling Stone’s on ‘Gimmie Shelter’, Ray Charles & Elvis), Darlene Love (who I always adored her voice from backed in the day), Tata Vega (that incredible voice you heard singing Gospel in ‘The Color Purple), Lisa Fischer (backed up Luther Van Dross for awhile), Judith Hill & many others you would know by the rich sounds that came out of their mouths. These Talents, are now just getting their chance to let everyone know that some of your favorite Singers & Performers ain’t doing it ALL alone! Please seek out this Documentary so you too can get some really fascinating updates on some our Contemporary talents whose voices that have always, given us much JOY.

Please, Check out their stories in this fascinating film, TWENTY FEET FROM STARDOM STARS. You can also VOTE for this film as well…CLICK Here! You’re gonna love it.

Darlene Love and Merry ClaytonThe two Beautiful DARLENE LOVE and Gracious MERRY CLAYTON

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The Rolling Stones as The Cadavars

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richards and mick“Wha Happun Lucy?”

Ya know, I think I’ll pass on Tea with Keith & Mick. Honestly, I don’t think the crumpets will stay down after a gulp of these pusses. Did they really have to let this happen or has Life really just been a Bitch? Question is, how do they manage, still, getting up on a stage and performing or should I say, de-forfming. What is that all about? So many questions and from the looks of things, not much time for answers. The Honorable GRACE SLICK said it best many moons ago: “Nobody and I mean NOBODY wants to see a bunch of Rockers on stage at 70 in tight leather pants,  unbuttoned shirts amongst the key lights, still trying to carry a tune & rattle their bones. It’s embarrassing,  frightening & painful”.  Mostly for the audience. Obviously these guys don’t get it. And ya’ know. I think Miss Slick had the right idea. Leave when you at the TOP. Truth be told. There’s got to be more interesting things to do in life as Grandparents rather than humiliating yourself on a stage. This vision we the Public must endure ever so often, is getting a wee  bit like a “Nightmare Circus on a Pirate Ship”. STOP it MICK, STOP it KEITH, PEL-LEZZE. Just Say NO the next time they ask you for another World Tour. And I beg you, NO more PR photos. This shit ain’t pretty Babe! I’m done.

GW1001_Keith_RICHARDSMick Jagger in 1967

Kathy Griffin recreates Janet Jackson’s Rolling Stone cover “…gotta love her, she so crazy”

Kathy Griffin certainly isn’t shy about showing off her body. The 51-year-old comedienne stripped off her top for the new issue of  Out magazine.  She called on Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson to help her recreated Janet Jackson’s famous pose from the 1993 cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

Naked ambition: Kathy Griffin and Jesse Tyler Ferguson pose for Out magazine's Out 100 issue Naked ambition: Kathy Griffin and Jesse Tyler Ferguson pose for Out magazine’s Out 100 issue

Original: Janet Jackson's iconic 1993 Rolling Stone magazine cover Original: Janet Jackson’s iconic 1993 Rolling Stone magazine cover

In the shot, Griffin’s jeans are undone and she’s showing her underwear; Ferguson also appears to be shirtless.

The Out 100 is a list of the most influential men and women in the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) community.

The featured celebrities recreated iconic portraits in the issue; Griffin and Ferguson, 36, requested that they put their own spin on Jackson’s famous shot.

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