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Wondering if someone you know is ‘Strung Out’?

Boyfriend strung-out on DrugsIf you’ve got a Friend or a Boyfriend/Girlfriend strung-out on Drugs, maybe it’s time to say or do something. Perhaps it’s not your style  and it happens to be theirs, but you gotta let ’em know. Then, you need to find a way to disconnect yourself from that person, no matter how much you care. Tough Love is just what it is, TOUGH. You want to be there for that someone but they can’t be there for You because that person is consumed with their getting high, Leave them ALONE.  Find something else or someone else to engage your time in. The path with People in ‘denial’ of such, is a never ending, spiral down stairway of ‘Di-ey-saster’.  Save yourself first, then try, if you will, saving them from a life of eternal Pain & Misery. Good Luck!