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Special “Little Friends” we Love

We love our pets

The Unconditional Love of an Animal is “Precious” to Everyone who share in the experience of having a Pet in their Life. They never stop “Giving” of themselves. It is truly a Precious thing cherished by All.

©Courtesy of JOHN GUY MAMMOSER on Facebook

CLICK to See Pictures of some Pets with Personalities

Let’s go get our money back

…Dammit! Now we have to hurry and get to the ‘Burn Center’ with our Girl, Alek, she burns so easily as well. I think those darn machine’s TIMER are defective. We almost got “cooked” yesterday! I wondered why you started smellin’ so hammy? Don’t you mean ‘clammy’ Dear? Okay.


...gee somethin' smells yummie


Better hurry and take an hour’s Nap..!

!…The Way some of us been Lookin’ lately, being asleep is probably the ONLY hope for those “satchels” up under Your Eyes. — Don’t forget, “Daylight Savings Time Dear”.

clocks ticking bitch

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