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Get ready, here it comes: Another ‘HollaQueen’

©ourtesy of greggorysshocktheater


Americans love a good scary movie, particularly around one of our favorite times of the Year, Halloween. YES !!!. We LOVED it as kids cause of all the candy soon to make us all diabetics. But we really, really like it as adults ’cause we get a chance to scream the ba-jesus out ourselves with the help of ALL those Bad, oh so very BAD, Horror Flicks. So. Why disappoint yourself and miss out on all that foolishness? Join the rest of Gotham and get your annual SCARE in at your local Movie Theater this year for Halloween. Or. Better yet. Stay home and frighten ALL those little, precious, costumed monsters that will be arriving at your doorstep at this year’s Halloween celebration. And. Perhaps if you’re in a major city as I am, prepare for a Night of Celebration with the rest of your city’s Ghouls. Go out in the Streets on Halloween Night, October 31st & Scream your pretty little head off. You’ll feel so much better. Later…..!!!

50 Anticipated Movie Sequels & Remakes releasing in 2013 and beyond

Cause see “They figured ONCE wasn’t Enough” !! ..fa Real.

Thing is, in most cases “Once was really, really, really MORE than Enough” but whose counting? With the price of admission being what it is these days and the cost  (gas) to get to the Theater, throw in the popcorn and drinks, going the Movies these days is remarkably, an Event. So, if you think it’s Ok to spend $50 bucks plus to sit up and look at a screen filled with less than stimulating dialogue and lots of camera tricks, who am I to Stop you. Go for IT !! Personally I’d rather screen the trailers first online to see if it is really all worth my time. Sometimes those “trailers” can prove to be way more interesting than the actual Movie Theater reels. Anyway, who gives a shit, sometimes you just gotta not think about consequences. Happy Movie viewing ya’ll.