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This is how it goes: Rob Delaney

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My Beef With “The New Normal”

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I am obsessed with gay culture; I analyze, praise, and sometimes denounce every piece I come in contact with. That is why I was excited by the announcement of Ryan Murphy’s new show baby, The New Normal. The basic premise is about a gay male couple that seeks out a surrogate mother in order to start their own family. Toss in a misunderstood daughter, a sassy black personal assistant, and a homophobic and racist grandmother and you have the perfect grounds for a hilarious sitcom. – – Read more

NOTE: Question here is, WHY are gay characters in the media, television, film, videos etc., always portrayed as “TRENDS”. Such a Joke that really ain’t all that funny …! Point is, the time is right for the marketers to make some money, BIG TIME, at the expense of the Gay Community. Next year it’ll be some other Group….ha-rrrrrray.

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Strange Resemblances

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Coincidence or Fate ?

Curious isn’t it? Mitt Romney (Herman Monster) and Paul Ryan (Eddie Monster), just a couple of guys up to NO GOOD

‎” ‘ They’re creepy and they’re kooky/mysterious and spooky/they’re altogether ooky…’ ” so applicable here.

Favor your thoughts ….

or Remain Vacant.