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PATTI SMITH: Interviews “The Talks”

Patti Smith: “Rock 'n' roll belongs to the people”

Patti Smith: “Rock ‘n’ roll belongs to the people”

Ms. Smith, are musicians these days put on too high of a pedestal for your taste? I don’t believe people playing rock ‘n’ roll should have crowns. We’re not kings and queens. Anybody can play it. Anybody? Rock ‘n’ roll belongs to the people. When I started playing I couldn’t sing very well and I couldn’t play any instrument. I didn’t know anything about technology. I’d never been in front of a microphone. I didn’t know shit, but I did know rock ‘n’ roll and I did believe that it was mine and I was one of the people and it was my art and I felt it was my right to get up and embrace it and to express my feelings through it and adding poetry or political energy or whatever. So it is not a matter of being humble or a matter of being divided, it is just – – … read more