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WTF? An American Faux Pas, Kim Kardashian & Kanye West.

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Ask me: Kermit & Piggy is more like it.


Words out that America is now officially pushing its own version of “the Royals” on the rest of the World. We’re talkin’ Kim Kardashian and Kanye West! Vogue Magazine’s, April 2014 Cover boy & Cover Girl. What’s up with this move and is it because ALL the Top Models on sabbatical at the same time?

These two (we don’t really know why their famous people, people) have done everything wrong since we started being suffocated with News of their daily debacles, day in, day out. Now magazines like Vogue U.S. are attempting to romanticize what most of us view as two ‘train wrecks’ getting ready to go up in flames! This move by Vogue U.S. really does emphasize societies attempt to make do with what we have as, Celebrities.

Yes, at one time, I too was young & foolish as well. I think! But, I am grateful it didn’t get to the tabloids. Cause, if it had, I would now have to explain it ALL to my Children while trying to make it seem oh so “Cool”.


It appears that we like to celebrate the bad Boys & the Bad Girls. But. As soon as they stop being  oh so very BAD, we want to wrap them up in a nice bowl of cotton candy & throw kisses at them. Yuk…..ukk! This is really, really much too sweet for any of us to bare.

Celebrity Domestic abuse List: Ike & Tina Turner begin the countdown..!

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Singers Ike and Tina Turner, 1974 ( Michael Ochs Archives / Getty Images / January 1, 1960 )

In 1974, husband-and-wife singing duo Ike and Tina Turner got into a vicious spat before a concert in Dallas. Ike allegedly started the fight by slapping the back of her head, according to Tina’s memoir. When the two Continue reading