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..until Next Hollowen

so long from The Teenage Wolf…!


Hope everyone had a Fun and Exciting, Spooky and Kookie Hollerween. Till next time, BE AFRAID.

HEIDI KLUM: ..just Gorgeous !!

Heidi “…really knows how to Celebrate Holloween”

Heidi Klum

Striking a Pose, “…All Revived and back on the Catwalk”

Courtesy of bloggers: laviemallard: and soberescape

…am I ‘Scarin’ you yet

Okay……… I give up!

Artist carves up some deliciously ‘Smashing Pumpkins’ for the Holidays

Sculptor Ray Villafane works with a variety of mediums, but his intricate pumpkin carvings are far and away the most popular of all. Since he began carving pumpkins over a decade ago, Ray has appeared on the CBS Evening News, Martha Stewart Show, and was invited to carve pumpkins at the White House. Ray has also won two back-to-back Food Network Challenges with his incredible pumpkin art. Click through the gallery to see more of Ray’s “gordgeous” pumpkins.