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Creative Carnival Extravaganza!

Workbook’s Creative Carnival party took place Thursday night, and the event was an outrageous, smashing success. With the outstanding mid-town Art Directors Club as the venue, The more than fifty photographers and illustrators took center stage to create their impressions of the Carnival scene. Twenty-five Workbook illustrators sketched what they saw, and at least as many Workbook photographers shot the scene: a contortionist, freak show, lion tamer, and burlesque performers. How about drag queens serving incredible libations and hors de oeuvres? Creative Carnival was not your average cocktail party by any means. Workbook kicked off Halloween weekend with a unique vibe that created a night no attendee will forget anytime soon. Nothing was too strange, too abstract or too risque, and an anything-goes mood defined the evening. Perhaps the most spectacular piece of art on display at the event was created by legendary 3D chalk artist, Tracy Lee Stum. A life-size lion rose seamlessly from the floor to the ceiling, and attendees were eager to assume a role and be photographed taming the king of the jungle with a whip included to complete the look of Indiana Jones. – – more here