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Colombia Fashion Week where butt implants, blow and plastic surgery rein supreme

A trade show attached to Colombia Moda is, in the words of Ms Duboc, ‘more high street than high fashion,’ bursting with bootylicious bottoms, curvaceous figures, impossibly bouncy breasts, bronzen skin and white teeth.  Plastic surgery is clearly the norm, if not openly spoken about. One underwear model patently lies, claiming her figure is 100 per cent natural. Over at the main fashion week’s competitor, Moda Para El Mundo, the focus is even less on fashion and more on bling and booties. An incredulous Ms Duboc clearly has a hard time focusing, surrounded by glutes of epic proportions.

‘People’s arses are such a massive distraction from anything else,’ she says. ‘It’s kind of impossible to talk about anything else. It’s just ridiculous.’

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