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Humans in New York photo clip

©ourtesy of humansofnewyork 

costume NYC“This thing’s won over $16,000 in costume contest prizes.” 

In the summer of 2010, photographer Brandon Stanton set out on an ambitious project: to single-handed created a photographic census of New York City.  Armed with his camera, he began crisscrossing the city, covering thousands of miles on foot, all in an attempt to capture New Yorkers and their stories.  The result of these efforts was a vibrant blog he called “Humans of New York,” in which his photos were featured alongside quotes and anecdotes. The blog has steadily grown, now boasting more than a million devoted followers.  Humans of New York is the book inspired by the blog.  With four hundred color photos, including exclusive portraits and all-new stories, Humans of New York is a stunning collection of images that showcases the outsized personalities of New York. Surprising and moving, printed in a beautiful full-color, hardbound edition, Humans of New York is a celebration of individuality and a tribute to the spirit of the city.  – – BOOK: With 400 full-color photos and a distinctive vellum jacket

The Whale Rider

Trailer from Feature Film

If you’ve never seen this Film, I think YOU should!. It conveys to us all, “The Power of the Will, Spirit, Women and Life”. Beautiful Acting, Direction, Scenery and Characters. Hope you like.

WTF: ‘Saudi Arabian woman executed for “sorcery” ‘ !! OMG …be Afraid.

Excuse me for askin’ But, WHAT CENTURY IS THIS ?

News from RIYAHD, SAUDI ARABIA: Saudi authorities have executed a woman convicted of practising magic and sorcery. The Saudi Interior Ministry says in a statement the execution took place Monday, but gave no details on the woman’s crime. The London-based al-Hayat daily, however, quoted Abdullah al-Mohsen, chief of the religious police who arrested the woman, as saying she had tricked people into thinking she could treat illnesses, charging them $800 per session. The paper said a female investigator followed up, and the woman was arrested in April, 2009, and later convicted in a Saudi court. It did not give the woman’s name, but said she was in her 60s. The execution brings the total to 76 this year in Saudi Arabia, according to an Associated Press count. At least three have been women. – – more from Huffington Post