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Artwork by Norman Saunders, 1953.

©ourtesy of rogerwilkerson & theniftyfifties

artwork by Norman Saunders, 1953.

Drag Queens Hit the Beach in a Super Swimsuit Extravaganza

©ourtesy of PAPERMAG

Queens of summer

queensofsummer05.jpgMisty Meaner

How did you come up with your name?
I started off as Misty Newaters, then met a queen named “Teena Bortion.” I died, and knew I needed a name that was memorable and catchy. I also wanted to be feared and respected, so Misty Meaner was a perfect fit.

What drew you to the drag scene in NYC?
I started doing drag on Fire Island because I grew up 10 minutes from the ferry. After doing it a few summers in a row, going back to the L.I. gay nightlife scene was like slow torture. So one summer I saved up and used all my Fire Island contacts to get and keep me out here.

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