The Best Films to Watch this week!

©ourtesy of  Blackbook 

the best films to watch this weekThe Best Films to Watch Without Ever Leaving Your Bed This Week: Essential Romantic Ache 

John Waters‘ Top Films of 2013: ‘Spring Breakers‘ is #1 : ©ourtesy of Indiewire

“Spring Breakers” may not have much of a shot at an Academy Award (despite A24’s campaign for James Franco), but the divisive Harmony Korine film has already made at least two Top Ten lists for best films of 2013: last week, the prestigious Cahiers du Cinema ranked “Spring Breakers’ #2 on its list and now filmmaker John Waters, a contributor to Artforum, named the indie hit his #1 film of 2013, according to Ray Pride at Movie City News. Waters ranked Bruno Dumont‘s “Camille Claudel 1915,” starring Juliette Binoche, #2 on the list.

John Waters’ Top 10 Films of 2013:

1. Spring Breakers
2. Camile Claudel 1915
3. Abuse Of Weakness
4. Hors Satan
5. After Tiller
6. Hannah Arendt
7. Beyond The Hills
8. Blue Jasmine
9. Blackfish
10. I’m So Excited


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