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Photography: Colorless Black Men

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al bino

Senior Moment. Still the Bitchin Babe!

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bitchin babe“That’s right honey, Grandma is still cookin’ with gas and you ALL will just have to get over it. Okaaaay !!”

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Simple line drawing. Exquisite !

©ourtesy of nikolawashere

line drawingThe Artist kept this one Plain & Simple but Beautiful

YIKES: Man with 132 lb. scrotum gets TLC show!

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“Somehow you knew some money monger had to find a way to cash in on someone else’s pain!”


TLC has some pretty big balls putting this on the air. The cable network has just announced a special titled The Man With the 132 lb. Scrotum. Yes, this is happening. Yes, there are photos. We put them semi-discretely below the text, but beware: Once you see a man with a 132-pound scrotum, you cannot unsee him.

The special chronicles the challenges of Wesley Warren Jr., a 49-year-old Las Vegas resident who is living with a rare medical condition called “scrotal lymphedema.” The show will follow “Wes’s life as he deals with day-to-day challenges that are easy for most people. Due to the large size of his scrotum, Wes has difficulty with simple tasks like walking, preparing meals and even going to the restroom.” In the show and in public, Warren wears a hoodie to keep it his scrotum covered up.

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