Jacopo Rosati Artist in Venezia, Italy

©ourtesy of iconoclassic

Fuzzy Felt Artworks

Jacopo Rosati via Fuzzy Felt Artworks 2012 on BehanceJacopo Rosati (via Fuzzy Felt Artworks / 2012 on Behance)

Jacopo said:  “I spent the whole 2012 developing a new style. I was kind of bored about working only with vector illustration, I was seeking for a new unique style, something more warm, something that I can make with bare hands. I choose fuzzy felt because it’s a kind of material which isn’t used too much as a pure graphical media. My goal was to develop flat bi-dimensional collages, paper is already very used in illustration, plus it can’t guarantee the same hardness than Fuzzy Felt does. I started with my personal works, then with editors and art directors I started to find myself  with this sort of artworks.  This is all the results of a years effort.

I made this short video as well, in order to show the process behind my felt collages. The process takes about two hours. It is compressed into one minute. Hope you like it”.

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One response to “Jacopo Rosati Artist in Venezia, Italy

  1. those are PRETTY! I’m gonna get me some felt too and make a story on a wall hanging! 🙂


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