Not so Poor, Pitiful Paula, Please Please just shut-up.

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Well! Just thought I would get on the Paula Deen train by throwing in my 2 cents. It’s uncanny, that with ALL Miss things money, it is “not” saving this sinking ship from bedrock. It probably has to do with the fact that the use of the “N….” word is exclusively reserved for the young & foolish. Yes, I said young & foolish. By young I mean, those 25 years old or younger. Black, White or otherwise.

Did Miss Paula believe that she could get away using the “N….” word as recent as she has, to folks around her as if they don’t pay her any attention. Doesn’t she know & understand what being a Public figure entails? Simply put Paula, You belong to EVERYONE. The World owns You, Body & Soul. You should-a asked “Michael Jackson” !

You no longer are free to exercise your Prejudices, Opinions, Interest or Aspirations without the approval of your Personal Agents, Publicity Agents,

Press Agents & Your Pastor. It’ s a little dicey when you decide you want to rule the world Miss Paula. It does not come without cost. You must consider ALL the Rules, Hypocrisy &  Injustice of the World and include these facts as part of your decision making.

Apologies, Tears & Begging for Forgiveness after the fact becomes a task in vein.  What’s is done becomes just that, DONE. This is particularly true with little things like, television, u-tube & broadcast radio.

From the looks of things, it appears like you don’t have too many folks working for you or in your circle that’s stepping up to your defense. Ummmm! I find that very suspicious. If you have anyone on your side within your circle that cared about you, that includes your “Agents” & “Your Agents People”, simply put, they would have not sent you out in front of all those TV cameras to help you try and humble yourself, while humiliating yourself, with a not so remorseful apology which interested no one.

Perhaps your Press Agent had something to do with that. Sometimes saying the wrong thing, at the wrong time Miss Paula, just makes us Human. Making apologies for it, to the Public or anyone else, makes us Foolish!

I have yet to hear any “Rap Stars”, Black, White or otherwise, apologize for using the “N….” word whether in their Music, Concerts or Publicly. I believe this is a grave mistake on everyone’s part, including their Producers, Promoters & Fans for giving the “N….” a whole NEW Life & a whole NEW Energy.

No matter how you cut it, the word NIGGER (my apologies), like many others, Offends, Insults & conjurers up a great deal of discomfort for us ALL. Why use it? Why? There’s NO need to give strength to something which makes our spirit, so weak. Whether you speak it, recite it, sing it or share it, the “N….” word has a powerful history, ALL NEGATIVE. If its use continues, it will further destroy the Spirit of our Nation & that of the entire World.


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