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Einstein said ….

” I fear the day when technology overlaps with our humanity. The world will only have a generation of idiots,” … Albert Einstein.

Having a Coffee…

Enjoying a day at the Beach…

Enjoying the beauty in a Museum…
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just in time for Holloween

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1958 horror film poster

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Azealia Banks Boycotting Dolce & Gabbana over Mammy Line

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pics from the DOLCE & GABBANA’S collection below

*NY rapper Azealia Banks just brought Dolce & Gabbana’s new racially-insensitive clothing and accessory line back into the headlines with a series of tweets.

A month after the Italian design house’s controversial spring 2013 collection made its debut at Milan Fashion Week, Banks took to Twitter this past weekend to say she is boycotting the line over its imagery. “Definitely boycotting Dolce & Gabanna,” she tweeted. “Whoever designed that racist ass Dolce and Gabanna collection needs a swift kick in the mouth and a big d**k up the ass. “I really hate when people do corny, racist things then try to justify it as ‘art.’” “It’s all just really unnecessary. the clothes in the collection were fine without all the ‘black mammie’ imagery.” – – Read more

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