LOL WTF …is wrong with People? Sheesh.

©ourtesy of Michael Patterson on FB

Some Comments on FB:

MP: WTF, cannot tell her that she is not lovely ….. OMG ….. Unbelievable ….. She has to be a shockwave without any makeup on that Rock-Face ….. This is the true meaning of a BRICK ….. Lol

MP: Darling there is nothing F I E R C E about that face ….. For example I bet you if this bitch falls of the tallest building in the WORLD ….. Her Face would still be intact ….. That’s how HARD she looks ….. The fish run out of the water when they see her coming in ….. Trust LOL !

MP: It must take her a year to paint her face just to go out for one night of fun. Who would be caught with her on there arm …..WTF I’m reading DOWN ….. This photo is GRAND PRIZE Lol !!

MP: That line from the movie The Heiress in the end …… How could you be so cruel …… She say’s something of this natural ….. Of course I can be very cruel …..  WTF, I’ve been taught by masters Lol !!

*Likeness of Amanda Lepore

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