Celebrity Domestic abuse List: Ike & Tina Turner begin the countdown..!

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Singers Ike and Tina Turner, 1974 ( Michael Ochs Archives / Getty Images / January 1, 1960 )

In 1974, husband-and-wife singing duo Ike and Tina Turner got into a vicious spat before a concert in Dallas. Ike allegedly started the fight by slapping the back of her head, according to Tina’s memoir. When the two emerged from a limousine, they each were severely bloodied and bruised with Tina’s eyes almost sealed shut and Ike’s nose bloodied. Tina described it as the one time she fought back against her husband. “The problem is that there are two sides to every story and they only printed the bad side,” Ike told The Times in 1991 on the day he was released after 18 months in prison for probation and drug-related violations. “I regret that I’ve screwed up my life, but I’m not ashamed of nothing I did.” “I took everything God gave me for granted: Tina Turner, my family, my career,” Ike said in a later interview. “When me and Tina broke up, man, I panicked. I got so insecure. I thought the public would reject me without her. I knew I was in real bad shape, but I couldn’t stop.” Tina filed for divorce in 1974 and the 14-year marriage officially ended in 1978.

©ourtesy of The Morning Call

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