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smokin’ …?uestion

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Smoking is cool/terrible for your health.  On a side note, lots of cool things are happening, just can’t talk or show anything yet.  Soon!  Maybe!

Women of Colors: Covered with Revealing Beauty

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*Here you have various WoC (women of colour) wearing their traditional, religious and cultural head-coverings. Please try and persuade me that all these women, from various continents are oppressed because they choose to wear traditional/religious/cultural garments

As a woman of color, I preserve the right to wear my garments religiously and culturally. I will not take off my headscarf or any form of head covering because your ignorance has let you to believe that I am ‘oppressed’. I will wear my culture and religion with pride, and shouldn’t have to be afraid I will face discrimination because of your lack of knowledge of my culture or religion. :: Source: prettyindian