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Church of San Giovanni Battista

Pattern Inspired

Click to visit the original postThis is the inside of the Church of San Giovanni Battista in Mogno by Mario Botta.  I just love all the different angles and how the stripes come together in different places and different directions.  I definitely want to make a pattern inspired by this room! Peace & Delight, ©ourtesy of Bel Kazan

So Now We Know The System Will Collapse – Now Concentrate On The Positive Energy Of The New Coming – June 15, 2012

©ourtesy of  Lucas 2012 Infos
Click to visit the original postA Small message from me to you all.  I also do report on the negative news that is out their even news I do not resonate with but is important for the choice you make. I let you all see what is  around in this mist of information and disinformation. Ultimately YOU are the one that needs to discern and make the choices. Read more

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