Wonder Woman, Saudi-Style

©ourtesy Source: ananart

So even a “Wonder Woman” in Saudi Arabia is so cowed that she dare not take that cloth off her head…!

“I’m a feminist!  That is, if you say I can be one.” Because, you know, feminism is all about women symbolically taking veils off their head to fit into a Western, patriarchal idea of what a woman should look like.

You’re doing feminism wrong.  Because women can not be empowered or feminists while at the same time still honoring their religion.

Because when a woman takes clothes off, it’s empowering, but when she keeps clothes on, it’s oppression.

Because everything that a woman is, her experiences, what she stands for, is all determined  by the clothing she wears. BEHOLD! Western Feminism.

Is that a purple leopard print hijab with stars on it? Bc she’s winning…!

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