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Blue Moon

©ourtesy of BARRE NONE ~ Cem Catbas

A marvel born now and anon

Of a lunar southwest monsoon

Same month twice a full moon

Once in a blue moon at noon

Blue Moon.     Read more…

Smart Art

©ourtesy of Blind to Bounds

With smoking zones shrinking more and more in public spaces, poor puffers get just the ground to stand in this smoking alley in a Hotel. They can’t even raise heir heads to blow off the smoke, all for the roving eyes from the roof top. The artist paints with his hands, what he sees in his heart.  The artist here sees no wall, but a passage right through it. – – Read more,,

Take the World into your own Hands

©ourtesy of Idle Hands :: Whistling of Wrens

The trepidation is behind us.  We are the fourth years, freed from the bonds of pimping, scheduling, studying, and applying.  This is the time of our lives.  It is a season of squander, waste, and development.  It is today and everyday for the rest of medical school (at this point, a month and change).  We worry no longer about what will be, because we can grasp it, taste it.  – – Read more

Straight Girls & Gay Porn

©ourtesy of Cocky & Rude

So when Adam and Michelle put out their whiny request saying they were “tired” and “too exhausted” to post this week (wah wah wah) and DESPERATELY wanted guest posts, I thought … what could I, the classy sophisticated woman that I am, write about for a guest post? Of course, the obvious answer was Mikey’s favorite: hardcore gay porn. Now everyone knows that straight girls only like porn with romantic music and floaty curtains, and soft gentle non-threatening male actors, right? – – Read more…

No Doubt

©ourtesy of Myths & Dennis Novak