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BETTIE PAGE was the Pin-up Goddess

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Lindsay Lohan plays Elizabeth Taylor …duh !!

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Its been a while since Lindsay Lohan starred in any thing note worthy film where she could tap into the wonderful actress she’s capable of being, so it’s certainly pleasing to hear she’ll be playing Elizabeth Taylor in the Lifetime Television Movie “Liz and Dick.” Apparently, the film has been in production since May 2011 and the once troubled star (but now showing signs of upliftment) will channel the internationally known Taylor in this biopic. – – Read more

“I sure hope this doesn’t end up being an ‘unintentional’ Comedy”

Painting: Acrylic on canvas. 2012

©Never erase a thing. It was all meant for something. This into that into this into that. Eternal forward momentum. You suddenly complete me. 
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Spectacular Rainbow Trees

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So a favorite pastime of mine is just clicking on anything of interest on friends of friends Facebook pages.  It’s my version of Pintrest I guess, liking things enough to recycle them, occasionally I post them here. Well just the other day I sorta hit the “beautiful picture” jackpot.  Don’t ask me how I got to his page but Francesco Mugnai from Florence Italy blogs… and boy does he find some beautiful images.  I clicked through almost all of his pictures (and there were a … –  – Read more

Bohemian Czech

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Viktor Oliva (1861-1928)  is one of the very few artists (or indeed, individuals) who can lay claim to being Bohemian by birth, in that he was actually born in Nové Strašecí, Bohemia, Austria-Hungary. Take that, 21st century hipsters. Having traveled to Paris in 1888 to become part of the art movement and “Bohemian Parisian” community there, Oliva doubled down on his credibility as a true Bohemian artist, and then, while developing a passion for hot air ballooning, of all things, he pulled … – – Read more

Just a little L O V E …!

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Drake: I made it! I finally signed my contract. Now I have millions of dollars.Is there anything you want? I’ll give you anything you want.

Drake’s Grandma: You have a million dollars?!

Drake: No grandma, I have millions of dollars! I can get you anything! What do you want?

Drake’s Grandma: I just want a hug and a kiss. – – by t-ahiti:

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