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“Just cut the damn thing

©bbook reblogged splashmeadouble:

.…then Let them Eat Cake” – – Marie Antoinette


Child Abuse

©by  The Activists (The Activists Art Collective)

A painting on the way the rap industry abuses and brainwashes young people

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Alphabeasts- R is for Rockbiter!


So, here we are at R. I have a long history with the Rockbiter character from the Never Ending Story. More than a couple times I have sat down to do a drawing of these guys and more than a few times abandoned it to frustration. It always truck me that it shouldn’t be a hard thing to draw, but for some reason I could never do something with it I was interested in. I think some of it is the creatures odd design (that’s me passing the blame on to someone else…). I said I wasn’t going … Read more

Philadelphia Tattoo Convention 2012

©By scarsaretattoos