The ‘Devil’ has a Partner …

HIV-positive man who intentionally infected ‘thousands’ of partners turns himself in  

©ourtesy of  Amanda Mikelberg/ NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

David Dean Smith, 51, turned himself into police, claiming he had intentionally exposed “thousands” of sex partners to HIV.

Michigan health officials issue alert, encourage victims to get tested immediately

Hundreds of Michigan residents — and others — may have been infected with HIV by a man who told police he’d been on a three-year mission to transmit the disease to as many people as he could, MSNBC reports. Police arrested David Dean Smith, 51, last week after he turned himself in — and admitted he had unprotected sex with “thousands” of partners with the intention of killing them by infecting them with the virus. Only two possible victims have yet been identified. Smith’s mission to sicken his lovers likely stretched to other states including anyone he may have seduced via Yahoo! Personals, as he did with the one of two victims who came forward. – – Read more


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