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Hollywood’s ‘Riches to Rags’ 18 Stars Who Have Lost It All

Brett Butler and Sly Stone have gone from living in mansions to being homeless, while Mike Tyson and Burt Reynolds are among those who’ve declared bankruptcy after making millions. THR lists some of the largest celebrity falls from financial grace.  Mike Tyson Despite making about $400 million over the course of 20 years, the former heavyweight champion managed to spend it all on things like Bengal tigers, a $2 million bathtub and millions of dollars of jewelry. He filed for Chapter 11 in 2003. The boxer has since resurrected himself, taking on a new career in film. He most recently appeared in The Hangover Part II. – – find out more

Ja Rule Calls Prison Life ‘Amazing’

The rapper, behind bars for gun possession and tax evasion, has bonded with fellow inmates Dennis Kozlowski, ex-CEO of Tyco, and Alan Hevesi, former New York City Comptroller. Ja Rule is certainly making the most of his prison sentence. The Queens, N.Y.-reared rapper, who’s doing time at the Mid-State Correctional Facility in upstate Oneida, N.Y., for gun possession and tax evasion, told the New York Daily News that he’s formed friendships with two formerly powerful men: Dennis Kozlowski, who was CEO of Tyco International before his 2005 conviction for authorizing $81 million of illegal bonuses, among other acts of white-collar crime; and Alan Hevesi, the ex-New York City comptroller who began a one- to four-year sentence in April for a pay-to-play scheme wherein he took $1 million as a trade for approving pension-fund investments. – – read more