Daily Archives: January 30, 2012

Natalia Fabia Punk Rock Rainbow Sparkle

©ourtesy of claireverity

The Jonathan Levine always has great art shows. Currently, Natalia Fabia – Punk Rock Rainbow Sparkle is up. Loving the subject! “In the artist’s words: “Punk rock is one of my true loves. Punk to me is an attitude, a lifestyle. Punk is a middle finger, punk is do-it-yourself, do what you want. It’s a kind of freedom. I’m attracted to my subjects for having that quality. This attitude is what I wanted to convey in this series. My models (many of which are friends) are all to – – Read more:

Maybe you too can compete ..!


In this part of the World, this is some serious stuff. If you’re feeling a little dearing,  perhaps you can get out one of your old Holloween costumes and go for it. Though I must warn you, the Talent at these Competitions is pretty fierce. But who knows, you just might be the Next American Idol or America’s Got Talent Winner Competitor. It all depends on how well you move the audience.