Vargas Pin-up Girl [Esquire] c.1945

©ourtesy of  The Eye of Faith

Peruvian artist Joaquin Alberto Vargas y Chávez, who back then went by the moniker Varga, was the illustrator for a 1945 calendar issued by Esquire Magazine. We just love the way the women are drawn, and the classic pin-up style always draws us in. Enjoy this trip down memory lane. Thanks to Pulp International for the images. What did you make of 1945?? The Eye. – – Read more:

3 responses to “Vargas Pin-up Girl [Esquire] c.1945

  1. Thanks for the reference, it really is a great calendar, all the illustrations are beautiful!!

    Keep your eyes peeled, if you like this you may like future stories, we’re going through a fascination with Rolf Armstrong.

    The Eye


  2. Loving this picture…Vargas girls are the best.


  3. Vargas was with Playboy in the fifties and I always loved looking at his works. Also copied him in order to get the poses. Now looking back I think he was too sleek and made women plastic beauties.
    Thanks for the memories.


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