Looks like ‘Carrot Top’ has found ‘Joan Rivers’ surgeon ..! YIKES SS.

What is up with this Face Job? Some celebrities really need to leave ‘the Knife’, ALONE. Hollywood has got the whole world thinking that ‘Plastic Surgery‘ is really a self-esteem issue. This is just an excuse to convince oneself that “there NOT really vein, in spite of the cars, the houses and the wardrobe”. It All BS! Handing a Surgeon $10,000 bucks to slice & dice your face is just plain old, Crazy and most times, NOT VERY PRETTY. Carving one’s face into a oblivion simply means you’ve run out of things to do in your Life and You need a Hobby. This has nothing to do with a persons insecurities. It merely means that this person has developed a narcissistic way of solving their personal issues .

Please people, understand that “…you cannot improve on what you look like with a knife. Knives leave scars”. If you wanna improve on how you look, start from the inside out. I guarantee You that even though it might not change what You see in the mirror, you sure as Hellwill Feel a whole lot better physically, emotionally and spiritually. Then, after accomplishing that,  it won’t matter to You what anybody thinks about how you look cause you’ll be too busy feeling good about YOU. I am not Judging mind you, just offering some alternatives to those in need. — Photo ©ourtesy of  Jayne County

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